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West Virginia born, raised and still live here. We live in the little town of Fort gay with our 6 kids, yes six! 5 girls 1 boy, in an old Sears Catalog home, which I loveeee. We love going on trips, hanging out with the horses and always working on new projects. I can't wait to meet you and your family.

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it all started with my camera.

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Erica is awesome! She does fantastic with children. She works calmly and efficiently. If something isn’t working with your child, she will quickly come up with another option that is just as wonderful. It’s always effortless and never forced. Book a session with Erica, you won’t regret it! The experience will be great and your photos will look incredible.


10/10 highly recommended. Great service very personable great family! All around great experience!


There isn’t enough good things I could say about Fetherolf Photography. Erica does an outstanding job. Whether it be taking my entire family’s pictures, pictures of my wild 2.5 year old, or my newborn baby. She goes above and beyond to make sure you not only get phenomenal pictures, but to also make the session as easy and quick as possible. She makes you feel so comfortable and like you’re right at home. She knows exactly what she’s doing so you don’t have to worry if you’re going to get what you wanted. I wouldn’t let anyone else take my pictures, ever. She has taken pictures for me in several different locations and every. single. time. the pictures are more than I could have expected. Every session is unique and different in its own way. She is so creative and wants to give you the absolute best pictures possible. She has all the props/set up you need. She is so friendly and kind which makes the experience so much better. I don’t think there’s anything she can’t do. I 10/10 recommended her. Hands down, the absolute best there is.


Fetherolf Photography is more than just a woman behind a camera taking your family’s photos . Her style is amazing and captures all the beauty that is so unique to the area we live in. Over the years, I have seen sessions from a clothesline hanging outside, a garden shed, playing in an upstairs attic, to sitting on a country front porch that have been just pure and simple beauty. It captures the way life is growing up in WV, the moments you would really want to remember. We have loved all of our sessions there as well as seeing others. Truly a wonderful talent ❤️

2 locations
15 digital images 

$225 10 digital images
$325 20 digital images



2 Hour Session
12 digital images


package 1

package 2




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package 1: this will include a 30 min session for your immediate family at a location local to me, professional editing, 10 digital downloads, online viewing gallery

package 2: This will include a 1 hour session for your immediate family at a location local to me, professional editing, 20 digital downloads, online viewing gallery

Both packages can be used for Maternity, Engagement, Milestone, Kids, Couples




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Session will last up to 2 hours. Typically scheduled by 20 days old, but can be done after that. Props will be provided. Session will take place in my home studio, family can be included in a couple shots. 12 digital downloads w/print release. 

Sleepy Babies are best! Wait to feed your babies when you arrive, bring extra milk and a pacifier. If you have siblings we will do family/sibling shots first so they are free to leave the space and let me work on baby. I want to make this experience easy peasy. Any questions feel free to ask! 



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2 Locations, up to 2 hour time slot, 3 wardrobe changes, 15 digital downloads. 
Pamper yourself with hair and makeup, paint your nails, iron your clothes..looking good means feeling good. 
Accessorize; hats, jewelry, sports gear etc. Talk to me about your ideas! 


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